About me

Hello my name is Hazel, welcome to my world. I am passionate about the journey of the soul and honouring of our sacred feminine nature through connection with the earth. I work with women and their families to promote women’s health & honour the sacred journey through womanhood by celebrating rites of passage, providing education tools, supporting holistic health care, providing professional pregnancy & birth support and hosting women’s circles. A big part of my work is about the power of listening by finding the place of stillness & silence from which to listen as well as to speak.

I’m a qualified holistic childbirth educator and doula having completed my training course with Olivia Seck of Birthing Wisdom, Devon after initially working as a lay birth supporter in Guatemala. I’m an active member of Doula UK, being their area rep for Devon and also the UK rep in the European Doula Network.  It was also in Latin America (Mexico & Guatemala) that I apprenticed with traditional celebrants and studied the art of ceremony and more specifically the calendar of days. This training built on my instinctive understanding and body wisdom through studying the old ways of my native land – the UK. I have taught workshops on healing through Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, massage and also practiced Touch for Health Kinesiology. I have spent half of my adult life travelling the world, living with locals, learning languages and immersing myself in different cultures. This love of anthropology brought me back to my native land with fresh eyes and an open heart, and it was here I found just how much I love the rolling green hills, the streams and wooded glens. I rediscovered my love of the hazel tree and the oak, the ash, the holly and the beech. Having lived so long without the traditional change of seasons I delighted in noticing all the little signs as one month rolled into the next, connecting how what was happening outside was being reflected within me. Like a child I love to live in awe and wonder at the world we share.

My first book A Doula’s Journey was a novel about the path of a childbirth support. My second book : A Birth Path – stages & states of consciousness is about the essence and wonder of birth.

An integral part of my life is daily connection with nature through mindfulness. I am blessed to live on an organic smallholding with my partner and son, where we grow much of our own food and spend many hours processing, fermenting, preserving, baking sourdough bread and wild food foraging. We host WWOOF workers as well.

Relationships have been very important to me in my life, as they are for many women. So I welcome working with couples and self-love healing.
I believe that we are not only bodies that have a soul, but more like souls that have a body. Thus all aspects of life can be opportunities for spiritual grown and self-development, and childbirth is a huge opportunity spiritually, emotionally & physically. Birth as a rite of passage opens a doorway to wisdom & ancestral healing.
My life has been about connecting with these doorways and deep intuitive wisdom. It would be an honour to work with you and share these skills.

I am/do

  • a recognised Birth Doula and mentored post-natal doula with Doula UK
  • the Doula UK rep for Devon
  • represent Doula UK in the European Doula Network
  • organize an informal world wide network of doulas called A Cuddle of Doulas
  • an independent celebrant
  • a trained peer breastfeeding supporter
  • teach workshops and offer one-to-one support during pregnancy, birth and beyond
  • regularly host women’s circles at my home and around the UK
  • am the author of A Doulas Journey (a novel) and A Birth Path – stages and states of consciousness
  • a reiki master, EFT practitioner, Touch for Health kinesiology practitioner and massage therapist
  • bilingual in English & Spanish
  • a mother