While abundantly rich in many ways, our western culture can be strangely quiet when it comes to important moments of our life that call out to be celebrated. In a slow, rich appreciation that feeds the depths of our souls.

My work is with women & girls, honouring the rites of passage as thresholds we pass over during the course of our life, they can also be thought of as hinges where life direction changes. Every hinge is unique. Some, such as menarche, can only happen once, whereas others can happen multiple times – such as different pregnancies.

As a celebrant my role is to hold a sacred space to honour your rite of passage, in a way that is important and meaningful to you. I want this to be your special day, one you’ll remember forever. My celebrant package generally involves:

  • One free no-obligation phone call to discuss, see if we fit and if I’m available
  • At least two planning sessions with you. ideally with one at place of ceremony
  • Arranging and planning the whole ceremony – which can include managing the guest list & RSVP’s
  • Unlimited email communication
  • Travel expenses (up to one hours travel from Exeter, 45p/pm after that)
  • The whole day of your ceremony (I never double book to try to squeeze more in, as these things deserve time to unfold).
  • I am there to set up, create the space, welcome your guests, introduce & perform your ceremony in the way that you want, and if needed I will stay to help pack up as well
  • Depending on the ceremony I often include candles, incense, flowers, greenery and an individually made floral head-garland. I also have various decorations including sari drapes, sheepskins, fairy lights, crockery and seating available
  • A phone-call afterwards to debrief, if necessary
  • Cost is on an individual basis and sliding scale.  It should not be a limiting factor, if you would like to work with me but feel restricted by money please get in touch and we can talk about our options, perhaps arrange some kind of equal exchange instead of cash.

Ceremony list:

First Blood

A menarche ceremony to honour the change from child to woman. Best performed with full consent of the girl concerned! This is a woman-only ceremony for close family and friends.


A ceremony of commitment between two people, either with a small circle or wider community. While not legally binding, a wedding ceremony has the freedom to be wherever and whatever you wish, incorporating the elements that are important to you. This could also be a renewal of vows.

I am happy to facilitate a self-love wedding ceremony to yourself!

Mother Blessing Ceremony

This is usually held towards the end of pregnancy. It honours the transition into motherhood, offering the mother-to-be a wonderfully rich experience to support her through childbirth and early parenting. Also for women who are becoming mothers through adoption, surrogacy, or co-parenting.  A woman-only circle of your closest female friends and family members.

Closing the bones

An intimate postpartum ceremony to ritually reclaim a woman’s body after the opening experience of giving birth. It can be a one-to-one ceremony including massage, wrapping with rebozos and retelling of birth story / re-birthing. It can include the partner as a re-commitment moment post-childbirth. It can also be like a mother blessing ceremony and include closest female friends / family.

Naming / Welcoming Ceremony 

A ceremony to ritually present a new child to the community, after childbirth or adoption. It can be a small intimate ceremony of family and friends, or open to extended family depending on your preference.


(If you have an idea that is not listed here feel free to ask me about it, I would be delighted to co-create with you)


Please get in touch to arrange your free no-obligation phone call.

I am often booked up months in advance, so it’s never too early, and no ceremony is too small.