Welcome to FULL CIRCLE

with Hazel Acland Tree

Holding Space


This site is a celebration of sisterhood, recognising the red thread that binds us from birth, through menarche, through pregnancy & childbirth, through marriage, through loss, through it all – until the end. Full circle.

My work is about celebrating all aspects of a woman’s life by holding sacred space. This is space within which we are free to stop the rushing, slow down, deepen, listen and speak from the heart, recognise the divinity inherent in each other and the world around us. From this place all things are sacred.

I work in a beautiful yurt nestled in a woodland garden, situated 6 miles outside Exeter, on the edge of the forest of Ashclyst. The yurt provides a womb like circle within which to stretch and grow, filled with bird song. I offer regular women’s circlescelebrant services doula support.

There are moments in life that seem to call out for a slow, rich appreciation that feeds the depths of our souls. These thresholds, or rites of passage are transitional states from one stage of life to another.
We want to slow down and take notice, to be seen and heard in our transitional state from one place in life to another. We call our nearest & dearest to gather, to witness us as we step over these major thresholds - birth, marriage, death are the most common, but there is also menarche, pregnancy, birth, postnatal & baby naming.

As your celebrant, my role is to hold a sacred space to honour your rite of passage, in a way that is important and meaningful to you. This is your your special day, let's make it memorable!