Women’s circles

*2020 covid-19 update* Seasonal circles & ‘Way of the Witch’ are on hold. There are weekly women’s circles online for previous members of the circle, via our private online group.

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blessed be, Hazel



Seasonal Sacred Women’s Circles 

Each year we meet every six weeks on the Solstices, Equinoxes and Cross-quarter festivals of which there are eight in a year. I think of them as markers through the year, bookmarks to stop and sit and be still. To open up a sacred space to celebrate and be thankful for everything I have.

The ritualization of these circles is to honour the continual movement and transformation in life and within ourselves. It is about becoming in-tune with the year’s cycle and the cycles within our bodies, minds and spirits. It is also about coming together as women and creating a community where we celebrate these changes together and know that we are not alone. Around the world there are many circles such as this to honour the cycles of change – join us, together we are stronger!

Circles are held in the Full Circle Sacred yurt space near Budlake, Exeter, EX5 3JN. Doors open at 7pm we finish about 9.30pm. 

*Upcoming dates are all suspended until further notice due to covid-19


Cost is sliding scale

Unwaged/low income £5 per circle

Waged £10 per circle

Bountiful £15 per circle (this helps fund the lower income sisters to come)

Book now & reserve your place with a ‘season ticket’ HERE (please specify which circles you are booking for)


Way of the Witch year-long circle

A year-long closed monthly group for women wanting to connect more deeply with themselves, their cycles and the natural world around them. Together we create a safe, sacred space to explore themes relevant and important to our evolving selves.

The way of the witch is about reclaiming our wise woman heritage; the knowledge of herbs, healing & childbirth and the innate power in our blood & bones. It transcends persecution and slander, it is beyond name-calling and putting each other down in order to get ahead. It is cooperative. In tune with ourselves, each other & nature. It is a closed container for 12 months for women to share space and honour the sacredness in all life.

Topics covered revolve around the 4 seasons, incorporating the 4 directions, elements, states of being. We also honour the sacred days, or witches sabbaths – namely the solstices, equinoxes & cross-quarter festivals.

Together we hold sacred space, conduct ritual & ceremony, weaving story alongside sharing about plants & animals, the tides of the moon and the subtle energies of creation. Deepening self-awareness and powers of perception we cultivate divination techniques and how these can be a tool for understanding the evolution of the soul. Together we journey through the cycles of womanhood, maiden, mother, matriarch and crone, and all the stages in between, embracing the cycles of life through rites of passage experiences. Read more HERE

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