12th October. Way of the witch workshop 2019-2020 <Closed group>

1st November. Samhain women’s circle> fully booked

3rd November. Mother Blessing Workshop. > two places remaining 

9th November. Way of the witch 2019 – 2020<Closed group>

23rd November. Introduction to Way of the Witch. OPEN

14th December. Way of the witch 2019 – 2020 <Closed group>

20th December. Winter Solstice women’s circle. OPEN.

14th January. Way of the Witch 2019-2020 <closed group>

18th January. Introduction to Way of the witch. OPEN 

1st February. Imbolc women’s circle. OPEN

21st March. WOTW journey 2020 Starts. (Third Saturday every month for 12 months) 

22nd March. Spring Equinox women’s circle. OPEN.


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