Why does this time of year have to be so hard? 

These expectations: the pressure from family & society to perform and be happy can be crushingly painful as you struggle to put it all together. The tree, the decorations, the shopping, the wrapping, the planning and cooking. Everything perfectly timed and all the time with a smile. And somewhere inside there’s a voice wondering if … More Why does this time of year have to be so hard? 

Sacred circles for mothers & daughters

“Let us initiate our daughters into the beauty and mystery of being strong and confident women…” –Barbara Harper It is time to bring our daughters into the circle, to re-learn the amazing power of the sacred space and to come together as women; for growth, support and mother-daughter connection. This circle especially for mothers and … More Sacred circles for mothers & daughters

Lego Education

On my kitchen wall there was a big clock. I used it daily when getting ready to do the school run, or timing cooking, or getting ready for an appointment. It had been there for such a long time that nobody remembers where it came from. Then one day it stopped. I was surprised, not … More Lego Education

If our bodies know how to give birth why go to prenatal sessions?

We hear this a lot in some natural birthing circles; that our pregnant bodies know how to birth just as they knew how to conceive and grow the child during gestation. I’ve heard the lecture that says the only thing standing between us and our perfect natural birth is the neo-cortex (thinking) brain, whose activation … More If our bodies know how to give birth why go to prenatal sessions?

Solstice Blessings!

Welcome to the gateway into the Mother Night ~ the longest night of the year for those of us in the northern hemisphere. The Winter Solstice is a tipping point, the north of the Earth reaches its furthest point form the sun. The dark night is a place of dreaming and visions. Ride the horse of Rhiannon as … More Solstice Blessings!

Following Moon Time

In very Ancient times when we followed Moon time, women often gave birth en-masse – they had conceived on a full moon (ovulation) and then gave birth together 9 Moons later in mass rituals. There is an ancient birthing chamber in Malta, an island of the Goddess, where women ritually entered the chamber, gave birth together, … More Following Moon Time