Doula work:

‘Hazel is a very grounded person with life experiences that make her easy to connect to.’

‘Your presence made our home birth possible.’

‘Thanks so much for being such an important part of our transition to parenthood.’

‘The best thing about having a doula was that you supported us in what we wanted and made us feel like WE did it.’

‘We would like to say a big thank you for your amazing support, time, word & love during my pregnancy, birth & post care. You have such a gentle kind way and it was a blessing to have you there at my daughter’s arrival into his world. I would highly recommend you to any other pregnant women and feel you really helped through some difficult times.’

‘Thank you for being you! Exactly as you are in the eternal now moment. Bless your heart & hands and all you do.’

‘Hazel’s calm & confidence held the space for our birth to happen at home and in our own time. You were a consistent presence of experience that helped us to stay focused and mitigate distractions.’

About workshop, retreats & circles:

‘Thanks for the lovely workshop’

‘I can’t thank you enough. It is important work for women to voice this place, which is more often than not seems overtaken by medical practitioners and spaces.’

‘This workshop made me feel a step closer in my preparation for giving birth. Thanks Hazel :)’

‘A great relaxed environment.’

‘To other women I would say that the retreat was a lovingly and informally held space with flexibility but also times of reverence and connection with ourselves, others and the natural world. Our time glides effortlessly along and facilitates a much needed nurturing space to replenish ourselves away from the demands of our lives. And chance to reflect, to learn something new…(the blindfold walking and new yoga sequence…both really great) and do some self discovery work. And delicious food!!’

‘Time spent at Hazel’s circles is time very well spent. It not only helps personal growth, but also benefits your family and friends as the support and wisdom which you can access through these circles can then ripple out to create positive change in your daily life and exchanges.’


About the booklet A Birth Path – Stages & Stages of Consciousness:A Birth Path by Hazel Tree

‘Straight and to the point but holds onto the essence, beauty and wonder of birth. Really empowering fir women about to go through birth or for anyone about to support a woman through birth.’

‘Small, accessible with language that is both easy to understand yet poetic and beautiful. Highly recommended for all pregnant women.’

‘I really loved reading this book. Having given birth myself four times and witnessing home births as a doula I really connected with and understood the way Hazel described each stage. A truly soulful book describing each stage of birth beautifully in connection with the mothers consciousness. The book is very descriptive and is a good guide in understanding childbirth in a way one only knows and feels through experience but does not read of. A first of its kind.
I thoroughly recommend it to birth workers, birth partners and parents to be.’



About the novel A Doula’s Journey:

A Doula's Journey ~ a novel
A Doula’s Journey ~ a novel

‘Amazing writing, all Newbie Doulas or anyone considering being a Doula, Read!!! Really important for anyone wanting to become a Doula, it show’s the high’s and low’s surrounding birth and the emotions that come into play before, during and afterwards.’

‘Gorgeous book written with love and honesty about what it’s like to be a doula. I loved this book! Couldn’t put it down once I started and finished it in just a few hours! I loved immersing myself in Joy’s doula journey – I identified with so many aspects of it and wish the book had never ended! I will keep Joy’s story in my heart as I continue on my own doula journey. Thank you xo’

‘Since I’m a labor and delivery doula I gravitate towards books about childbirth, particularly those written by midwifes and doulas. The author’s kind and loving attitude towards supporting women in childbirth was very apparent. I like that she didn’t dwell on techniques but rather on the deep connection between a woman in labor and her doula.’

‘Thank you for such a well written and lyrically illustrated story, I couldn’t put it down, and especially enjoyed learning a great lot while reading it!!’

‘I strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in birth especially if you are thinking of becoming a doula and wish you well on your Journey!’

‘Beautiful, thought provoking. I was only disappointed that it ended..I felt immediate kinship with Joy, and loved following her story on her path to birth work. Reading through her experiences made me reflect back on mine – and what work I would need to do to attend births, and how to move past births that are not mine, but have been present for.’

‘A wonderful record of a very personal and life transforming journey that is written with honesty and openness, it was a Joy to read as I am studying to become an antenatal teacher and eventually doula myself. I highly recommend it.’

‘My sister gave me this book as a present. I have recently taken redundancy after over 20 years in the banking industry. I am now embarking on being a Doula. The book was a lovely read especially as I felt the character was mirroring what I am feeling at the moment. Can’t wait to start on my new venture now. Thanks Hazel’


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