Individual sessions

Quality time. Just for you.

These private hour sessions cost £35 and are held in the beautiful Full Circle yurt in the woods.

For booking 3 sessions together: £100

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What people say about me:

‘Thank you for being you! Exactly as you are in the eternal now moment. Bless your heart & hands and all you do.’ -R

‘Hazel is a very grounded person with life experiences that make her easy to connect to.’ -S

‘We would like to say a big thank you for your amazing support, time, word & love during my pregnancy, birth & post care. You have such a gentle kind way and it was a blessing to have you there at my daughter’s arrival into his world. I would highly recommend you to any other pregnant women and feel you really helped through some difficult times.’ -C

‘I can’t thank you enough. It is important work for women to voice this place, which is more often than not seems overtaken by medical practitioners and spaces.’ -S