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My booklet ‘A Birth Path – stages & states of consciousnesses’ is available in paperback or kindle via your local Amazon or CreateSpace

In 76 short pages it describes the labour & birthing process in nine detailed steps to raise awareness of what mother, baby and attending father experience during this miraculous life transition. It delves into the physical, spiritual and energetical to bring light to the conscious and subconscious aspects of the integrative beauty of birth.


‘A Birth Path presents a new way of looking at childbirth for everyone who believes that birth goes best when left to unfold on it’s own. The concepts are spiritual, physiological & almost poetic. Just the names of the chapters tell you a story. Beautiful writing.’
– Patricia Harman CNM, author of The Midwife of Hope River

‘This is a soulful book, which will be a rich resource for mothers and fathers to be, as well as birth professionals. ‘
– Jackie Singer, Author of Birthrites, Rituals and Ceremonies for the Child-Bearing Years

‘Here is a book that offers one alternative to the medical model’s tendency to want to measure and fix birth. Reading it & experiencing its teaching will prepare you to create your own birth story.’
– Mark Harris, Author of Men, Love & Birth

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My first book: ‘A Doula’s Journey’ is a fictional novel written in the style of a journal about a woman who becomes a doula. Science is balanced with introspection and daily living. It is a story of women, of birth, of transitions and living your truth grounded in the rhythms of nature.

Reviews said:

‘Amazing writing, all Newbie Doulas or anyone considering being a Doula, Read!!! Really important for anyone wanting to become a Doula, it show’s the high’s and low’s surrounding birth and the emotions that come into play before, during and afterwards.’    ~ BG

‘Gorgeous book written with love and honesty about what it’s like to be a doula. I loved this book! Couldn’t put it down once I started and finished it in just a few hours! I loved immersing myself in Joy’s doula journey – I identified with so many aspects of it and wish the book had never ended! I will keep Joy’s story in my heart as I continue on my own doula journey. Thank you xo’ ~ S

‘Since I’m a labor and delivery doula I gravitate towards books about childbirth, particularly those written by midwifes and doulas. The author’s kind and loving attitude towards supporting women in childbirth was very apparent. I like that she didn’t dwell on techniques but rather on the deep connection between a woman in labor and her doula.’ ~ CN

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A Doula's Journey ~ a novel
A Doula’s Journey ~ a novel

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