Sacred Women’s Circle: a video

What is a women’s circle?

This video shares what a women’s circle can be like. A place where women come together, create something beautiful, and share their stories. It’s a safe, supportive space of acceptance and non-judgement where all women are welcome. A diversity of women from different walks of life create a rich environment for sharing & understanding.


What happen’s in a women’s circle?

The content of a circle depends on it’s intention. The circle could be weekly, or monthly relating to the phases of the moon. It could be a seasonal circle to connect with the cycles of the year. Whatever the intention there is always an air of reverence, a chance to slow down and reconnect with ourselves each other and the wider world around. In our video you can see how we begin with smudging – to prepare ourselves to step into a sacred space, we always have some nature connection, some movement, some sounding or singing and use a talking piece for sharing.


What are the benefits of a women’s circle?

When we are given a space to be witnessed as our whole authentic selves, amazing things can happen. We start showing up & taking care of ourselves. We really listen to each other and cultivate feeling more connected to our wider home – the planet. This interconnected healing is what women’s circles are all about. For me, being in circle helps me reconnect with a well of deep peace within, from this place I can interact with the whole world on a different level – less needy, more resourced and relaxed.


How do I find a women’s circle?

There are lots of different types of women’s circles. You could try looking on the Red Tent directory. You could also ask around and see what’s happening near you. If there’s nothing, perhaps consider starting a circle yourself.


Get in touch to find out more about upcoming circles in Devon, or women’s circle facilitator training


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