The witch returns

The Autumn Equinox is a time of equal night and day, 12 hours of each. We are at midpoint between high summer and deep winter, the world hangs in the balance between light and dark.  A teetering on the tightrope before we descend once more into the darkness of the underworld where external growth is replaced with inner development, nuts dropped from the tree embraced by the darkness underground wait until Spring light & warmth before continuing their life cycle.

“To be of the Earth is to know
the restlessness of being a seed
the darkness of being planted
the struggle toward the light
the pain of growth into the light
the joy of bursting and bearing fruit
the love of being food for someone
the scattering of your seeds
the decay of the seasons
the mystery of death and
the miracle of birth.”

– John Soos

As so the witch returns, she is the energy of Autumn, she is the archetypal wise-woman, she who knows, the priestess, the midwife, the medicine woman, the wander of worlds. Within her she holds the mysteries of life & death, blood mysteries. She has seen it all and holds the world in the palm of her hand. Feeling great unity, and connection with the earth, she cares deeply and passionately for our planet. Her ethics, words and actions are all in alignment.

Yet the witch also dwells within, perhaps not awakened, perhaps not recognised – much work has been done to detach women from our power, disconnect us from our innate wisdom and blood mysteries. We are the wise ones, we know more than we think. Together we can awaken each other. Perhaps you’ve smelt the coming of Autumn on the morning breeze, head raised and nostrils flared, the wild woman within sensing something deeper older than words. The darkness calls us home. Perhaps you’ve been gathering from the hedgerows, making medicine for your family and food for the table. Perhaps you have spent so long doing this work alone, you cannot imagine how it would be to sit in a circle of women which is safe, a space created to share your skills and awaken the deeper powers within.


The time is coming to find our tribe, to grow stronger together, to lift each other up and share our knowledge and skills. Where will you find yours?


My year-long way of the witch course begins again soon, with introductory workshops this winter. Find out more:

Online women’s circles can be found with Treesisters



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