Why witches don’t ride broomsticks

– and what they might do with them instead.


Ask any child to draw or describe a witch and you’ll probably get this: 

Warty nose, pointy hat, black cat, riding a broomstick.

And come 31st October if you walk the suburban streets around dusk you’re quite likely to find some small-scale versions wandering around in search of sweets.

But what’s the meaning behind this image and why does it still hold strong?

I believe the stereotypical witch image holds some grains of truth (as many myths do). For instance, the warty nose could be a woman who doesn’t choose to conform to society’s image of what beauty is. She thus holds her wonderful warty nose high for the world to see, free from shame of feeling ugly because she judges herself to be worthy of love and belonging. This is regardless of how others might choose to perceive her worth based merely on physical appearance. Beauty shines from within and glows, no matter what.

Having a cat, especially a cat who is a friend, could be misunderstood by someone who has never known what it’s like to share the mutual love and affection of a non-human creature. Animals have a language that doesn’t use words but body talk, including smell and perception of intention. You can’t hide your true feelings from an animal, they’ll smell you out. If you are someone who likes to hide their feelings, this can be intimidating to your sense of superiority. Lest we forget, we are mammals too. We give birth instinctively in the same way as other mammals, naturally preferring privacy, dark and feeling safe. We also produce milk for our young. We are animals.


And the broomstick is not for riding.

Astral travel does not need props like that, only the use of a well-trained mind, relaxed body and flexible imagination. The broom is more useful for space clearing, sweeping out dirt and debris of physical and energetical nature. It is the symbol of sweeping aside the mundane to make a clear space for the sacred. This is a power we all have. It is the ability to carve space and time, to create a container for magic. Magic is the focus of intention, in alignment with will. It is our most powerful tool. And it terrifies people who are not living in alignment. This is the fear that fuels the stereotype. This is why wise women were silenced. But no more. The sacred feminine is rising & witches are flying.

It’s time to pick up your ‘broomstick’ and clear the space for magic.

Our next Way of the Witch workshop is on the 24th November. Book here





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