Salt Bowl Ceremony

To work magic is to weave the unseen forces into form; to soar beyond sight; to explore the uncharted dream realm of the hidden reality. ~ Starhawk


The trees were whispering secrets, and a lone crow flew through the air, calling out loudly in his thick, throaty voice. The air hung still, the gentle wind must only have been high in the pines. The sun lowered in the sky, midday heat passed yet the earth still held some warmth in her muddy bones. Insects lazily buzzed about their business, while the stream ran on its way to somewhere else. Yet all these voices added their part to the tapestry that laid behind, they created the canvas upon which we wove our magic, laced our grace, gratitude and blessings of abundance. This was the night of the salt bowl ceremony. I share it with you now so that if there is a place in your heart that hears these words and feels the energy flow, you’ll know you’re not alone, you are with us now in this never-ending circle of women dancing around the moon.

I also share with you so that perhaps you too will be able to gather the ingredients, create your own sacred space to enter with open heart and spirit-full to drawn down the grace & gratitude to sing the songs of the old ones. Or even better yet call in your sisters of the heart, your neighbours and friends, the young and the old, bring them too to co-create a space, simple yet profound. It doesn’t have to be anything else than what feels good for you and yours. Create your own salt bowl ceremony. Create your own prayers. Call in your own gods and goddesses, angels and guides, elements and energies. Be your own priestess.

If you’re ready then we’ll begin…

Intention is the first step. Clear head, open heart, balanced in body. Feet firmly planted, few deep breaths to ground and centre. We have arrived, with nowhere else to go and nothing to do. Our intention is focused on holding this space for ourselves and each other, for the highest good, harming none.

As part of the process of cleansing we smudge each other, letting go of what no longer serves, grounding and centring.

Together we create an altar, collecting colourful autumn leaves, conkers & acorns, feathers, sprigs of rich, red hawthorn berries and arrange them into a mandala circle around which we sit – rooted on the earth.

A talking stick is passed around during our sharing circle and reveals the need for self-trust and acceptance, a wish for knowing we are enough and resting in who we were rather than what we think we should be, a desire for connection and a sharing of story.

We create a collective intention for our ceremony – cleansing and self-love.

Each person has brought somethings with them; essential oils, dried herbs or flowers. We take turns adding our item to the bowl of salt, invoking what it symbolises and mixing them all together to co-create something that is more than the sum of its parts.

There are circles of cloth and ribbons. We each take a generous portion of the salt and tie it up in a bundle to take home. The circle lives on in us, even when we are apart, a sisterhood supporting our days and dark nights. We know each other is there, striving to do their best, sometimes stumbling and often succeeding, a circle of women who see us in our unmasked, vulnerable open-hearted self and know we are worthy of love and belonging.

We give thanks with gratitude and reverence, humility and power.

The circle is closed and candles blown out.

The end


art used with gratitude credits:

Dancing women by Irinia Charny

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