Celebrating birth as a rite of passage

Imagine if we approached all major milestones in our life in a way that honoured us, not only physically but mentally, emotionally & spiritually – in ways meaningful to us and our individual circumstances. How might our lives be different?

I like to think we would feel stronger, with a tribe at our back as we strode out on life’s path. Especially during the final stages of pregnancy as we prepare to approach one of the biggest challenges of our lives – the transition to motherhood.

It’s time to bring back some sacredness into our lives and honour these important rites of passage, through personally meaningful ceremony.

Here is a short video of what a mother blessing ceremony might look like:

Every ceremony is made up of ritual elements and conscious intention. The rituals used in this mother blessing included: the sharing of inspirational poems and positive birth stories; the giving of beads to create a necklace for the mother-to-be symbolising the circle of support around her; a scented foot bath and massage to relax and pamper as well as give space to talk through hopes & fears about the coming birth; a hands-on blessing of baby while still in the womb; a garland crowning to honour the goddess within; the tying of red thread symbolising the circle of support we weave, each women wears the thread until baby has successful arrived and all is well; and at the heart of the ceremony was the walking of the labyrinth.

The ancient labyrinth symbol speaks to the intuitive mind and symbolises the path towards birth – an ancient well walked path with many twists and turns, but no dead ends. There is one way in, and one way out. Entering the labyrinth we release, letting go of the past to be present in the moment until we arrive at the centre and reclaim what is at the heart, then slowly we return, the same but forever changed by the experience. Just as a birthing mama enters the labyrinth of birth to bring her baby into the world, and both are forever changed by the experience.

If you are interested in learning HOW to facilitate a Mother Blessing Ceremony yourself then join me on my upcoming workshop on Friday 16th May




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