Spring Equinox Sacred Women’s Circle

Join us to celebrate a very special Spring Equinox this year with a women’s circle ceremony, in the purpose-built yurt of Sacred Space in our woodland, on Sunday 18th March from 5pm. Sit with sisters of the heart to honour the turning of the Great Wheel of the year and our place within it. The themes of awakening, new life, spring & balance are our guides. Life is growing, and sap is rising.

The yurt platform takes shape this week


We will be particularly honouring balance, a strong theme in our dualistic universe, symbolises by light & dark, day & night, active & passive, conscious & unconscious. This will be particularly topical as our circle will be held in a completely new space, yet the focus will find the balance between outer & inner. Spring (or vernal) equinox is the time of year when the days and nights are of equal length before the days begin to get longer than the nights.


Spiritually this time of year can also be seen to be related to resurrection. In Christianity there is the passion, crucifixion & resurrection of Jesus. In ancient Egypt they celebrated the resurrection of the god Osiris. And in central America the Mayan god Hun Hunapu also resurrected at this time of year. The spring equinox was so significant to many old civilisations that they built their temples in correspondence with the position of the sun on the equinox day. Such as the temple of Quetzolcoatl in the Mexican temple of Chichen Itza where the rays of the rising sun create a light illusion of a feathered serpent ascending the temple steps. Or the Cambodian temple of Angkar Wat that is aligned to the spring Equinox. Or the Great Sphinx of Gaza who looks towards the point on the horizon of the rising sun in the exact place it rises on Spring Equinox morning.

These examples show how this is an important event in the wheel of the year for many cultures and civilisations, even if much of that power has become diluted through time and space. In our bones we still something is there that is important and food for the soul. It feels so ‘right’ to mark these points in the year together with ceremony.

All women are welcome to join us in this open circle.*

We gather from 5pm in the house kitchen, then around 5.30pm we will process through the garden to the yurt sacred space where our circle time will begin. After circle we will go back to the house kitchen to share a meal together.

Please bring:
– a dish of food to share.
– something to place on the Spring altar (for the evening)
– wear something green if you wish

Payment in advance please £5 – £15 via http://www.Paypal.me/Hazeltree

If you have not come before and need directions, please pm me.

Anything else just ask!

warm wishes

*The next open circle after this one is not until Autumn Equinox in September. We will also gather for Beltane, Summer Solstice (a delicious 3-day retreat) and Lammas but only if you have already come along to a circle. This ‘closing’ is to create a stronger container of trust within which we can deepen together. So if you are interested please come along or let me know if you want to go on the waiting list for September 2018.

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(Artist of work used unknown – art used with gratitude)

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