Making Space Sacred

Do you ever wonder what it means to make Sacred Space? Maybe not in exactly those words; maybe there’s a tug on your heart that yearns for something, the way your body yearns for a glass of water on a hot day. This could be the yearning of your soul for some Sacred Space within which to dance and be seen just as you are, no explanation, no apologies.



What does it mean anyway, this word ‘Sacred’? Is it a specially ordained, religious or spiritual state or place? No, I don’t think so. I believe there are five aspects of creating Sacred Space.

The first aspect, and most important is RIGHT INTENTION. That means doing something for good reasons, coming from love. Right intention is not about ego, jealousy, anger or hate. If I feel any of these emotions, I know it’s a sign I need more self-care and processing time before I’m able to be centered enough to step into Sacred Space. With intention we can bless a meal or light a candle and it becomes Sacred.

Being CENTERED is the second aspect. It’s about inner peace, being present in the moment; not pulled to past mistakes nor future worries. It’s standing with feet firmly planted on the Earth. In yoga it positions it is the Mountain Pose: relaxed yet poised, balanced and strong. Breath even. If I’m not centred, I feel wobbly, unsure, self doubting and attention wanders. Being centered we are flexible and yet strong.

ATTENTION is another important aspect of Sacred Space. Being aware that you’re creating a living relationship with the energy of the universe. Whether you call that energy the Divine, The Mystery, God, Goddess or no name at all, with the presence of awareness and attention we lean in to relationship.  If my attention is not focused, it’s like trying to have two conversations at the same time. Neither being very fulfilling. The saying ‘ where attention goes, energy flow’ is valid here.

Through GRATITUDE I’m able to step into a state of grace, which opens the doorway to Sacred Space. I feel gratitude softens us, allowing the opening of our hearts and enriching our lives. Even in the darkest of days we can always find something to be grateful for: warm food, a good friend, the bus being on time! Through gratitude also comes respect: for self, for others and for our world.

The final aspect I want to mention here when talking about creating Sacred Space is about being OPEN. This comes when all other aspects are in alignment:

Right Intention






One of the doorways to being in Sacred Space is through the wheel of the year.

You can join one of my women’s Sacred Seasonal Circles In Devon or join the tribe on the Facebook group

or get in touch to find out more about the year-long Awakened Journey starting Autumn 2018.

Blessed be



art credits:

Beth Budesheim Katharine Kruege

Brigid Candlemas by Judith Shaw

women circle – artist unknown

One thought on “Making Space Sacred

  1. This is a beautiful post and I love the images you have chosen to accompany it. Thanks for sharing Hazel. I have a poetry blog here on WordPress in case you have time to look? Wishing you a relaxing afternoon, Sam 🙂

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