Is this you?

You feel alone in the world, even though you’re busy and know lots of people. You feel like there’s no time, no space to slow down and it’s like no-one really knows you. You’ve been working really hard to do all the ‘right’ things to make the world a better place, but you can’t shake these feelings. You’ve been here on and off for years, in this space of emptiness feeling like there’s more and you’re missing out.

When you let yourself feel it, there’s a hollow feeling inside even though there might not be a direct reason why.

The hardest bit is admitting to yourself that something has to change, because you’ve worked so hard to convince everyone else that you’re doing ok. But what others don’t realise is that you don’t feel content in your skin and there’s a whole other side of you raging behind your smile. You feel lost and confused about what to do.

You wonder whether there’s something really wrong with you or if you’ll ever get past this block, and if other people feel like this.

You’ve joined groups online. You’ve read so many books, maybe joined a yoga class. You’re looking for something spiritual, but not religious or woo-woo. You’ve mentioned it in conversation, lightly, to see if anyone would pick up on it, but they haven’t. Maybe you’ve even trained as a therapist yourself, because the ones you’ve seen don’t understand. You’ve probably also tried to forget you feel this way at all, but something deep inside you burns like fire and you can’t let go of the feeling that there is another way.

It’s quite normal to feel this way. You are not alone.

Sadly the culture of busyness is prevalent in our culture. What’s often missing is honest, real, face-to-face, heart-to-heart connection; with ourselves, with others and with the world around us. You have been stuck in a bubble, isolated yet so connected via the electronic world. The drawback with online groups is the lack of 3D connection, meaning physical space but also the 3D person – you miss all their gifts & flaws. All the online connecting can leave you feeling more alone and confused than before, maybe even without realising it.

The good news is that there is a space where you can come and slow down, be quiet awhile and find stillness as well as real, authentic, wholehearted connection. You might find that what you need instead of more talking, is space for some quiet so the ‘deep you’ can find her voice. What’s often not needed is more teaching, as you already have so many skills and simply need space to be yourself, no masks.

There is another way, it’s about delving down deep into your bones and finding your core of fierce, wild, instinctive power. This is a place of connection, trust & inner peace. It is your place. Imagine it: being accepted just as you are.

I understand your situation because I’ve been there. It’s for this reason I’m here today offering to accompany you in the journey. I have 20 years of experience of working with people who are ready to make a positive change in their lives. I’m a qualified holistic childbirth educator and doula having completed my training course with Olivia Seck of Birthing Wisdom, Devon after initially working as a lay birth supporter in Guatemala. I’m an active member of Doula UK, being their area rep for Devon and also the UK rep in the European Doula Network.  It was also in Latin America (Mexico & Guatemala) that I apprenticed with traditional celebrants and studied the art of ceremony and more specifically the calendar of days. This training built on my instinctive understanding and body wisdom through studying the old ways of my native land – the UK. I have taught workshops on healing through Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, massage and also practiced Touch for Health Kinesiology. I have spent half of my adult life travelling the world, living with locals, learning languages and immersing myself in different cultures. This love of anthropology brought me back to my native land with fresh eyes and an open heart, and it was here I found just how much I love the rolling green hills, the streams and wooded glens. I rediscovered my love of the hazel tree and the oak, the ash, the holly and the beech. Having lived so long without the traditional change of seasons I delighted in noticing all the little signs as one month rolled into the next, connecting how what was happening outside was being reflected within me. Like a child I love to live in awe and wonder at the world we share.

And this is my mission: to bring awe, wonder and deep connection into daily living.

I want to live in a world where all people live in equality and harmony, where there is time and space for connection to ourselves, to others and to the divine nature inherent in the world around us. A world where we can give birth to our children in safety and welcome them in love. Where there is a place for quiet reflection as well as joyous celebration, and it is for all these reasons that I created Full Circle.

Are you ready to step forward? Let’s start a journey together! Start now!

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