Creating Full Circle

Full Circle is a space, but it is also a concept. It’s a space I wish to create in a woodland yurt on our land, a space within which we can deepen together, slow down, go deep, listen and really hear the whispers of the heart, the lamentations of grief and shouts of joy filling the soul. It calls me into sisterhood, into tribe and all the gifts of circle. It is also a concept, bringing all we are into communion with spirit, with our soul purpose and singing our own unique song in the world. Full circle is us, as women, our lives bound by the red thread from birth to death. It is The All. I have moments of certainty and confidence knowing this powerful work is what I have to do now, and other moments of fear when I think about creating Full Circle. What if I get it wrong? What if I fail? Then again what if I don’t!

The core of my song is sacred, wild, passionate & free. It is my heartbeat. It is my breath. It is in the tilt of my chin and the moving of my hips. It is the knowing that after day comes night, making the sweetness of the moment even more precious, a thing to celebrate. My work is about celebrating all aspects of life as woman; from maidenhood to motherhood to priestess to crone. We are all women, bound by the red thread. My work is Full Circle.

artist unknown – used with gratitude

Which brings me to where I am now: integrating the gifts that life has given me and the song of my soul. My work is diverse and yet connected like the branches of a tree.

It has been a big month for me, actually it’s been a big year! But what makes this Autumn stand out for me has been the deep process of integration and assimilation that I’ve been going through. It’s no secret that I remarried this summer, bringing me great happiness and also a change of name. It then took me three months to fully embrace myself in this with a beautiful naming ceremony and said goodbye to my birth name, of Hazel Snelling, as well as my assumed name of Hazel Tree – the one I’ve been working under for the past few years since publishing my first book, A Doula’s Journey, in 2013, then A Birth Path in 2016. The name change was a symbol of a deeper process of integration; powerful work embracing the light, which can feel almost too bright to look at, and the dark aspects I tried to hide. For too many years shame and fear of getting it wrong made me freeze, to play it safe and stay firmly within my comfort zone. I was probably also afraid of success, and the loud negative voices inside stopped me trying. I simply didn’t. But time changes and heals. My wonderful husband has indirectly been instrumental in this process, his complete love and belief in me is a blessing beyond measure. But I had to do some serious self-worth work before I met him, it wasn’t easy but it was so worth it. I am so grateful of living in Full Circle.

Most of you will probably know me through my work as a doula, supporting families through pregnancy, birth and early parenting. I teach antenatal groups, give one-to-one care, hold naming ceremonies, attend conferences, write articles & books and also bring together groups of doulas, birthworkers and midwives to network and connect with each other. At home I  host women’s circles to honour the seasons,  mother & daughter circles, women’s retreats and online meditations and groups. In my more private life I work an organic smallholding, gardening throughout the year to provide food and herbal medicine for my family, together we forage the Devon countryside and shoreline, living alongside and celebrating the wild pockets on the fringes of civilisation. We watch our local badgers and listen to the foxes calling out in the dark of the night. The distinction between work and life is blurring as I walk further down this path creating Full Circle.

This Autumn the tribe is gathering, the lines are being blurred, the invitations will be going out. A celebration is coming…. one path, one vision, one Full Circle. Make sure you sign up to stay in touch and be a part of something amazing.

With love & gratitude to all

Hazel Acland







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