Calling to the four winds

This is a call out to the four winds that blow – hear me and my prayer:

I ask for your guidance and your blessing for the next step I am about to take, for this leap from security of what has been into the unknown of what is yet to be. Give me courage to follow the calling of my heart. Give me humility to hear your wisdom and to bow before it. I give thanks for the strength i have to walk this path. I give thanks for the abundance in my life and home to create this. I ask for help from my community to create this together. blessed be. aho.

If you came along to the Lammas women’s circle you would have heard the plan for the coming cycle is to buy a yurt and create sacred space in the woodland here. If you didn’t come…I’m shouting it out to the winds right now!

This feels both wonderful and like the best next step. It’s been two years now holding these delicious circles in my front room, and every time I am filled with an incredible feeling of gratitude and amazement at the awesome group of women that gather EVERY TIME! No joke. Every six weeks we gather to honour the wheel of the year and every six weeks I’m blown away by the honesty, openness and sense of community I feel.

My friend Kate was visiting from Liverpool last month and joined our circle for the evening to celebrate Lammas. She was travelling around the UK for summer, visiting friends and meeting up with amazing groups of women up and down the country. This gave me such hope; knowing that we are not alone. We are creating something beautiful from our hearts and also connecting in with a wider circle, a bigger energy. This deeply touches me, and is antidote to the fear-filled media stories of our time that strike coldness and isolation into our homes. These circles bring me hope, warmth and connection.

I get the feeling of how each of us leaves circle and goes back to our daily lives a little more connected to something bigger than ourselves, maybe a little more juicy and alive. This touches our family and those around us, like a pebble being thrown into a pond these feelings ripple out. As Gil Scott-Heron said ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,’ sister! It will happen like this with small groups of people making little changes and slowly reclaiming our souls and our divine birthright.

I am honored to hold space for this, and so devoting some time and energy into creating a yurt structure feels like a blessing.

I invite you to join us and get involved. Send me your yurt builder recommendations, also looking for volunteers to join working parties later in the year to help prepare the space: clearing brambles, putting up the compost loo, digging holes for posts and putting together the wooden base. And come along and sit with us, share sacred space and celebrate our place on Earth.

Next circle is 22nd September 2017 for Autumn Equinox. Get in touch for more information.



art credits:

freydoo raoussili

yurt in Shropshire ‘after the gold rush’


Global women’s circle – artist unknown, used with gratitude


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