Each day, a new lesson comes

I call upon the plants of this land to teach me and show me the way to balanced health of mind, body & soul.

I ask you to give me the courage to walk among you each day in silence that I may hear your whisper and learn your teaching. I pray to great spirit to open the path to mystery and greatness, to humility and inspiration, that each day I may appreciate this amazing life and share that with others.

I ask the plants of the fields and hedgerows, the woodlands and coastal paths, the garden and wild spaces, to forgive me as I stumble and err, to be gentle as I learn, to be patient as I grow. I pray that the rains continue to fall and the sun continues to shine, that each day I may breath in the out-breath of the trees and see that as a gift.


I call upon the elements of earth, as is my body; of water, as is my blood; air, as is my breath; and fire, as is my spirit: bring harmony within me and all around me. Let me hold space for balance in all things.

Dear plants of this land,  I ask each day for a herb, a teaching, a healing, a sharing. Let me be humble, let me be proud. Let me be as I am. Blessed Be.

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art credits:

Christian Schloe

Magdalena Wozniak


One thought on “Each day, a new lesson comes

  1. Today I met self-heal. We met on the morning walk. I’d seen them around before sure, even used their medicine a couple of times. But today was different. as our meeting became more of a prayer, a pledge, to go deeper. And not just with this one, but others too. to take time to slow down enough to feel them deep in my cellular connection. so we spent the day together on & off, taking time to listen, to share & learn, to dream, to make…. to drink deep medicine.

    Maybe you’ve met self-heal too and drank from their well? What can you share, how did you meet, what did you make?

    For me Self-heal is quiet yet strong. They call to that part within me that knows. That knows how my body should be, has the map, the blueprint and knows what needs to happen to get back to that state of balance and grace. I get lost sometimes, more often than I admit probably. I fall off the path into undergrowth, distracted by …something or other. Self-heal knows this. Now i look around they are everywhere. Mid July and my lawn has a purple mat or stubby flowers and in the orchard there grows long spindly flowers reaching up through the long grasses.

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