Women on top? #IWD2017

Some days I get it and feel it deep in my bones how amazing it is to be a woman. Here I am with the ability to create life in my womb and now to see this life outside of me; walking, talking and making mistakes of their own while weaving a whole new life in a world that is utterly unlike the one I grew up in. It’s mind-boggling and awe-some.


I also feel the fragility of being a woman, from the simple stupid stuff like not being able to open really tight jars to not having enough ‘practical skills’ to repair the greenhouse or change the oil in the car. I know, I know I could, or should theoretically be able to learn this stuff, to work on my muscles perhaps and get stronger and jar-opening powerful! But I haven’t yet.


Other stuff that haunts me about being a woman is the frightening power that some men can have over others. In living memory, a man was overheard and recorded, saying how he could grab pussy, then he went on and got voted into an unbelievable position of power. What if that was a woman saying how she liked to go around and grab cock, and she could because she was famous and the guys just let her do it. What would that be like as a reality?


What if the world we lived in was gender bias the other way around and women were on top! Women were in many of the highest positions of power, with higher pay and more weight behind them. I’m not saying that is what I want. I’m just playing with the idea of a world on its head.

What I really want, what I really really want is a world of equality.

When is international men’s day? (note: just found out that this is on 19 November which is totally news to me as this also happens to be the birthday of my beloved – he is going to love this!) 

How do we celebrate our incredible men and the part they play in creating the world of our dreams?

How do we raise our boys to become the men of the future, to be able to meet the women who are empowered and brave and strong and liberated and not be intimdated but inspired?

How do we navigate these waters between wishing, dreaming and creating a world where all women feel their power and connection to something bigger than them to feel like they matter and their lives are important?

#IWD2017 #InternationalWomensDay

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