Resting in midwinter silence

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There is meaning beneath the glitter and glamour of Christmas. To me it feels like a yearning to touch something deeper, be part of something bigger, to feel the spark of divinity and believe that magic is all around. Maybe it comes from the searching for this meaning, hidden as it is beneath layers of expectations, those feelings I’m missing something.

This festival, this midwinter time of gathering and feasting, has been celebrated before electricity was even invented, so it’s not about lights (although light is a big part of the story). Celebrating a birth has been honoured at this time long before any christian stepped foot on our heathen land, so it’s not about Jesus. This time has been marked before any of our ancestors could read or write, it’s a tale passed down from mouth to ear from generation to generation. It has been important since before we learned how to mine metals and wield them to our use.


It blows my mind that here we are celebrating, in our own special way, a festival that has been honoured since neolithic times – yet many of us forget. so wound up in GETTING IT RIGHT (in capital letters!!) and in reading the right script, and saying the right words at the right time and smiling and pretending this is all wonderful when somewhere inside us a stone age memory is calling:

‘Go out to the woods.Stand still. Listen.’

Dig a little deeper and find what really means something to you. Bring that back and honour what is important. To you. Here. Now. I can’t tell you what that is, feels like in this world we’ve created there’s enough people telling us what to think, eat, wear, say.

Instead I’ll rest in some silence today and feel the world pausing until the axis tilts and the sun is born, again.

Thank you to everyone who came to our women’s circle winter solstice ceremony last night, so touched by the sharing.

Blessed Be. ❤

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