Sacred circles for mothers & daughters


“Let us initiate our daughters into the beauty and mystery of being strong and confident women…” –Barbara Harper

It is time to bring our daughters into the circle, to re-learn the amazing power of the sacred space and to come together as women; for growth, support and mother-daughter connection. This circle especially for mothers and young daughters has been created to strengthen this bond as well as the connection to the magical natural world all around us.

There will be four circles each turning of the year – one for Autumn, Winter, Spring & Summer. This continuity and commitment is to witness the changing of the world, and how these cycles are reflected within ourselves. As well as fostering understanding of ourselves as women: our monthly cycles, and the cycles of our lives from maiden, to maturity to crone. Together we can connect more strongly with the power of our Sacred Feminine core, the deep strength within.

Modern culture often lacks this space for deep connection to ourselves, to our children, to the natural world around us. Without the power of the Sacred Feminine our daughters follow pop stars and princesses in a culture obsessed by how things look rather than how they are, lacking inner beauty, strength and wisdom. It’s time to take back our selves and re-claim a path of power. Time to nurture our connections to each other and the planet, while inspiring our young girls to find their own deep-seated strength and connection to inner power.
Join us four times a year as together we honour the passing of the seasons.


Each Circle will be a dynamic blend of nature connection, guided meditation, song, art-making, and story sharing.

The first circle is this Saturday 15th October. If you are interested to join us please email or complete the form below. Registration is essential!

You will be invited to wear something red or yellow to honour the colour of the season, to bring something symbolic of the season to place on the Autumn altar and at least THREE Autumn leaves. Also a small dish of food to share afterwards.

I look forward to meeting you & sharing sacred space

warm wishes


*Ages: This group is suitable for all young girls and their elders (Mothers, aunts, Grandmothers, Sisters). Generally I would say that a girl is ready to come to sacred circle when she feels old enough to be able to sit in circle and listen to others.

*Cost: By Donation. £5 – £15

*Registration essential. Please email

*Upcoming circles:

Autumn: 15th October 2016
Winter: 21st January 2017
Spring: 22nd April 2017
Summer: 15th July 2017

Join our Facebook community group ‘Women Honouring the Seasons’ HERE


art credits:

Katie m. Berggren

Claudia Trembely




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