Booklet launch Party!

Big news for me here is that after, what feels like, a very long time in the pipeline my new booklet has a publishing day! So you are cordially invited to join me in raising a glass to the divine energy of birth which has been my inspiration and my muse in the creation of: A Birth Path, stages & states of consciousness on Thursday 1st September 2016

cover image

This slim booklet describes the birthing process in nine steps to raise awareness of what mother, baby and attending father experience during this miraculous life transition. It delves into the physical, spiritual and energetical to bring light to the conscious and subconscious aspects of the integrative beauty of birth. It went out to three reviewers for back cover words and I could hardly believe it when they all wrote back such lovely things. It was too much to fit everything on the back cover but this is what they said:


A Birth Path, Stages and States by doula Hazel Tree presents a new way of looking at childbirth, not just for women seeking radical alternatives, but for everyone who believes that birth goes best when left to unfold on it’s own.  The concepts are  spiritual, physiological and almost poetic.  Just the names of the chapters tell you a story.

Hearing the Call, Beginning the Journey, Crossing the Threshold, Reaching the Summit….and more.   Beautiful writing.

– Patricia Harman CNM

Author of The Midwife of Hope River, The Reluctant Midwife, The Blue Cotton Gown, Arms Wide Open and her latest, a children’s book, Lost on Hope Island: The Amazing Tale of the Little Goat Midwives. 


‘I Like it!

Here is a book that offers one alternative to the medical model’s tendency to want to measure and fix birth. Reading it and experiencing its teaching will prepare you to create your own birth story…

– Mark Harris

Author of Men, Love & Birth. Founder of birthing4blokes


This is a soulful book, which will be a rich resource for mothers and fathers to be, as well as birth professionals.

Hazel Tree’s passion for the birth journey shines through A Birth Path.  Her voice is confident and clear, especially as she introduces information about brain waves and their effect on birth.  But A Birth Path gives much more than information.  It is a map to a wondrous land, written by an experienced traveller. 

– Jackie Singer

Author of Birthrites, Rituals and Ceremonies for the Child-Bearing Years

Look what arrived in the post!
Look what arrived in the post – my first hard copy!

I’m excited to be sharing this with you soon – for more details about the online launch party check out the Facebook event page on my page: Hazel Tree

The booklet is linked to my antenatal workshop: The Birth Path part 1: Labour and birth – a walk through this incredible journey from pregnancy to birth. The next 3 hour workshop is planned on 11th September in Devon. More info can be found here.

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