Pregnancy retreats for women

Taking time out during pregnancy can help you to relax and connect with your baby. But in a busy life sometimes it’s hard to find the time to slow down, to nourish yourself and feel connected to the growing life within you. A one day retreat is the answer to slip out of busy doing into relaxed being in an easily accessible way.


Sit in a circle of women Red Tent style
Be part of sacred space
Explore sisterhood
Connect with other pregnant women
Connect with your baby
Create crafts and seasonal art
Eat delicious local, organic food
Spend time in beautiful surroundings connecting with nature
Be nourished, connect with yourself and celebrate your pregnancy

Woman with eyes closed sitting in meadow.

A treat for the senses and a feast for the soul ♥

Cost: £45
Limited availability of early bird tickets

Upcoming dates listed on the right hand side of this page

About the retreat centre:

Authentic Birth retreats are hosted on the splendidly comfortable Sprydon house and gardens, a Grade II Georgian mansion situated 5 miles outside of Exeter in Devon. It is a semi secret location and exact directions will be given upon booking.


Registration click here

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