Lego Education

On my kitchen wall there was a big clock. I used it daily when getting ready to do the school run, or timing cooking, or getting ready for an appointment. It had been there for such a long time that nobody remembers where it came from. Then one day it stopped. I was surprised, not because it had stopped but because suddenly I found out just how many times in a day I looked up at that place on the wall and how that clock face with its little arms shaped my day. Sometimes I raced against it, other times it seemed to move really slowly.

Anyway what had my broken clock got to do with Lego Education you ask? Be patient, I’m getting to that bit now.

lego education

Life can move quickly. Nine months snap by. Looking at a little line on a stick one day. The next day a bump has grown. Giving birth the next. I know there is so much to do. Little time.

what a difference a week can make

It’s hard to meet up with friends sometimes let alone commit to taking a long antenatal course. For this there exists Lego Education. Little blocks of information packaged up into manageable chunks. Take one. Take two. Take three or four. Or take one. It’s up to you. Whatever fits into your life. However much information and group work you want to do. Yes you can read a book. But stories told face to face hold a different kind of learning. Come to one. Then see if you want to come to two. You choose. Each workshop lasts for three hours and is held in a lovely country house near Exeter with refreshments provided. Upcoming dates on the sidebar to the right hand side of this page.

The Birth Path : part one – The Archetype of Birth

The Birth Path : part two – Creating your own toolkit of comfort measures

Postnatal Care : how to care for and understand your newborn

Releasing Fear & Anxiety : Learn skills to focus on calm confidence

Get in touch for more information, mention that you read this article and you’ll get a 25% discount on any  of my 3 hour workshops in 2015



Guido Vrola

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