Changing the world, one birth at a time

baby lotusOne of the things I love most about being a doula is being the bridge between worlds, the bridger. Standing on the cusp of that place between spirit and form, between potential and realisation, the place of pause and action, between water and air, that place where babies float upside down and time is marked by the beating of another’s heart when one has become two, that place is pure energy. The memory of it, of being there is stored deep in our bones. All of us alive have floated in that warm waiting room, breathing in the salty water to wash through our lungs, listening to the sounds of this world, calling to us over and over. And now for me, as a birth doula, to be on this side of the bridge, waiting at the gate, as a new life crosses the irreversible threshold to enter this world of air and light, is a great honour.

I also love seeing a woman in her power. To accompany and bear witness to the personally transformative effects of giving birth is awe-inspiring. Not only is a baby being born but also a mother and a father, a new family. Birth is an initiation, a leaving behind of the maiden and moving into the realm of the Mother archetype.

Here is an extract from a birth story about a woman who had a home birth with a surprising ending, ‘She was strong and powerful. It felt like she embodied the birthing power of the goddess, as if she could be giving birth to the world right now. So strong was the energy swirling around her, so capable and confident was she.’ To read the whole article click here.

This is my calling: to be a bridger of dreams, a welcomer of life, to accompany spirit as it descends into form and takes its first breath. This I offer in service to Life, to welcome in the next generation that life may continue. It makes my soul sing with a sense of profound awe at the magnificence of Life.

You are not alone.

You are welcome here in this world.

I know it is different from where you have come from but do not be afraid, there is nothing to fear. 

All is well.

You are wanted here.


Come and be part of Life.

Come and breathe this air and let the light fall on you.

you are welcome here.

This is my prayer.

And that is how the world is changed one birth at a time, for who knows what that one child will grow to become. How many people does it take to change the course of history, redirect the flow of the Zeitgeist. Think back, think of Martin Luther King and of Mahatma Gandhi, of Rosa Parks and Malala Yousafzai, of how one person can change the flow of an entire country, a continent, the world. Life is wonderful and mysterious and we all have a part to play or as Mother Teresa put it, ‘Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.’

I like to live my life in love and service to Life in its myriad of forms. I also love to write about magnificence of the simple things, of nature and what it is to be authentically alive in these changing times. Sometimes I publish these musings here on Soul Sassy Mama.







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