Calling all doula trainers/antenatal teachers ~ free review books available


A Doula's Journey ~ a novel
A Doula’s Journey ~ a novel

This month I’m offering to give away copies of my book A Doula’s Journey to doula trainers and antenatal teachers, only asking for postage costs to get the paperback to you. Why? Because I want this book to reach as many newbie doulas and birthing families as possible, and you are in a unique position to touch the hearts and minds of women as they begin the incredible journey into the world of birth. In return for your book I only ask you to leave me a review either on my website or facebook page or the amazon UK  / or page and of course TELL your students about the book!

What recent reviews say:

‘I have worked as a midwife and as a doula and passages in this book brought back deeply buried memories, actually more like ‘flavors’ of memories from those times. I had forgotten how very intense the work was!’

‘I felt immediate kinship with Joy, and loved following her story on her path to birth work. Reading through her experiences made me reflect back on mine – and what work I would need to do to attend births, and how to move past births that are not mine, but have been present for.’

‘A wonderful record of a very personal and life transforming journey that is written with honesty and openness, it was a Joy to read as I am studying to become an antenatal teacher and eventually doula myself. I highly recommend it.’

‘My sister gave me this book as a present. I have recently taken redundancy after over 20 years in the banking industry. I am now embarking on being a Doula. The book was a lovely read especially as I felt the character was mirroring what I am feeling at the moment. Can’t wait to start on my new venture now. Thanks Hazel’

(all taken from

Hope this has whetted your appetite!

Postage costs are as follows:

UK- £2.80 (GBP)

Europe – €5 (EUR)

US – $8.00 (USD)

Canada – $8.80 (CAD)

Australia – $8.50 (AUD)

Rest of the world – $9 (USD)

Please contact me to arrange this, there is a limited amount of free books available so tell me a little bit about yourself, your business and why you’d like a free copy and then we can arrange the details.  Postage to be paid via paypal.

I look forward to working with you.





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