If our bodies know how to give birth why go to prenatal sessions?

If I don't know my options, I don't have any. - Diana Korte
If I don’t know my options, I don’t have any. – Diana Korte

We hear this a lot in some natural birthing circles; that our pregnant bodies know how to birth just as they knew how to conceive and grow the child during gestation. I’ve heard the lecture that says the only thing standing between us and our perfect natural birth is the neo-cortex (thinking) brain, whose activation inhibits the instinctive, mammalian brain to do its thing, releasing pain relieving love hormones to let birth happen naturally, spontaneously, ecstatically even. So my question is why do we need prenatal sessions to prepare us? Why not just float into labour and trust the process? And ok, for some people that does work. I take my hat off to them. However the way I look at it, for most people there are two things to educate ourselves about when we are preparing to give birth.

Firstly we need to get involved, to become an active participant in this adventure of a lifetime. This means utilizing and expanding on existing practical skills, to learn about awareness in an exciting journey of self discovery towards giving birth. Interactive creative participation to understand what is happening, why it happens and also to prepare for the unexpected. There is also a need for healing past trauma to clear the way for something new. Giving birth is as much about becoming a parent as giving birth to a child, and no two children, or experiences are ever the same.

Secondly there are certain skills needed in order to negotiate the current health care system. Having lived and worked in countries that don’t have free access to health care for all, I can honestly say the NHS is a blessing. AND yet there is a need to understand the way the system works so that you can make it work for you; how to be an advocate, deal with professionals, understand what is happening and have practical strategies to deal with unexpected situations. These are useful skills to pack into your birthing tool kit.

I wouldn’t say that I teach prenatal sessions, I help you learn what you want and need to know.

One thought on “If our bodies know how to give birth why go to prenatal sessions?

  1. Most of us have come a long way from being able to birth alone fiercely and intuitively. But it doesn’t mean we want a controlled birthing…that’s where you come in Hazel!!!

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