Awakening feminine power

Deep Breath by Melanie Weidner
Deep Breath by Melanie Weidner

Something incredible is happening right now as all around the world women are waking up to the power of the feminine. Within the feminine is the power to create, simple as that, it is the biggest creative force on the planet. Bigger than Microsoft, bigger than Apple, even bigger than Google because it is more than technology. It is the energy behind deep intuitive understanding of the interconnectedness of all life, of  oneness, and a nurturing of life. In celebration of  International Woman’s Day I am calling place of power at the very core of your being to wake up. And that’s an easy thing to say, but how is it to be done?

First lets look at the words we’re using:

Feminine is a noun for the female sex or gender, also the world of women or the class of women in the world. It can also be described as the realm of women.

Power is a word used in mathematics, computing, social sciences (think economic power, international relations power, social and political power) and physics. Here we are going to use it in its most energetical form: the power of the energy of the feminine. I also like the word empower: to make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights. This is what it’s about. The feminine power can actually empower you. Yes, you.

So we’re more clear about what it is lets go back to the question: How can we awaken the feminine power?

First step: Acknowledge that this is something bigger than you, but also in you. You can have direct access to the incredible power of creativity which will infuse your whole life with energy, passion and make you feel alive. Take a moment to let that sink in. Life, and our unconscious patterns, can tell us many things about the way the world is, and they’re not always helpful. So it pays to stay focused on this one thing, accessing the power of the feminine.

Next step: Breathe it in. Yes, just like that breathe in the realization that the power of the feminine is inside you. There is nowhere else to look, it has always been there, but don’t worry if you haven’t realized that before, you can begin right now. With your feet flat on the ground and spine straight allow your breathe to soften, feel how it fills your lungs and feeds your whole body. Maybe your hands will rest on your lower belly, over your womb space while you do this. Becoming a channel for any kind of energy can require a clearing out, this happens naturally on the out breath when waste toxins from your body are dispelled. When you breathe in fresh energy comes in, every time. Feel the power under your hands grow with every breath feeding it more and more.


It helps to do this more than once of course, best done at various times throughout the day. Maybe putting up little notes around the house will remind you. A great time to breathe is when you think you don’t have time. Try when stirring the dinner, having a shower, walking the dog, waiting in line someplace. Breathe into that deep place of feminine power to awaken the creative life force within.

The womb is first awakened by bringing to her the gifts of presence, devotion, deep respect, appreciation, and the feeling qualities of love and adoration. ~ Womb Wisdom

Last week on Facebook I asked how would our world be different if wombs were first awakened in this way before conception? It may sound like an idealistic, even simplistic thought, and possibly even bring feelings of sadness that our children were not conceived in a womb gifted in this way.

So how would our world be different if we gave our wombs these gifts now, today?

As you breathe to begin to reclaim your feminine power, remember how this is rooted in the womb, the place of creativity.

How would our world be different if ideas, projects and creativity were sourced from a womb space honoured by such gifts and love?

And finally a post on feminine energy would not be complete with a word about men. The world not only needs empowered conscious women in touch with their feminine power, it needs men awake and empowered to be in their masculine power. The feminine is receptive and yielding by nature, a compliment to the masculine. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about the patriarchy that has distorted our vision of what it means to be a man. I’m talking about connection to the deep instinctual mature masculine power that is strong, rooted in love and gratitude. It feels really important to say this, because as more women wake up, men also are inspired to show up, but they need to find their own path not be dominated by a rising feminine power that could potentially be as wounding as patriarchy. Yes, I hear you, there is femininity in men and masculinity in women of course, but primarily what we seek is balance between these energies.

Yin & Yang Male & Female in balance
Yin & Yang Male & Female in balance

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