Kindle eBook Valentine promotion

Here we are back again in the blossoming of spring. Feeling blessed by the abundant life that is all around, inside and out I want to share this feeling with you, share some of the rich abundance and wealth that is dancing in my heart.

As many of you know, year ago my novel was published, in paperback and Kindle eBook. And I should mention here (for those of you who haven’t read it) that the book was written in the style of a journal, a daily slice of life that followed one woman on her path to becoming a doula, supporting women in childbirth and discovering the healing power of birth. AND the journal begins on the 14th February ~ synchronicity at work as it was first released on that very day.  Since then the paperback has been shipped to countries all over the world, with reviews flowing in along with heartfelt letters and emails filling my inbox. The Facebook page has grown to over 540 likes, and is active every week with new posts to inspire and empower. I’ve given talks about the healing power of childbirth and am part of an incredible community of people supporting natural birth, with support groups & meetings both online and in the real world. This has all been great, it’s been incredible to witness how it has grown and touched people. But it’s not enough. I want more people to know how incredible birth is, how it’s not only the birth of our children but our own births that we can heal; to find peace and compassion for. So with this feeling I have decided to let you access my eBook for free, for a limited period the kindle edition will be available for you to download and keep.

The offer starts really soon. I’ll be posting details on my Facebook page of when exactly that is; so the best way to make sure you get this limited offer is to go to the page, and click like and also click ‘get notifications’, which means you’ll be instantly notified when I add a new post. Don’t worry after the promotion is over I only post on there once or twice a week so you won’t get loads of pop-ups.

How to make sure you receive notifications
How to make sure you receive notifications

I’d also really like to see the book shoot up the bestselling chart on Amazon so please tell all your friends and share share share. This offer is only for a couple of days. Oh and if you are not a Facebook user don’t worry, you can send me a private message, or follow me on Twitter, google+, LinkedIn

Warm wishes


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