Following Moon Time

In very Ancient times when we followed Moon time, women often gave birth en-masse – they had conceived on a full moon (ovulation) and then gave birth together 9 Moons later in mass rituals. There is an ancient birthing chamber in Malta, an island of the Goddess, where women ritually entered the chamber, gave birth together, and then emerged with babies – as if from the Womb of Gaia.

In other tribes, as women birthed new souls into the world with the ecstatic orgasm of mass ritual, all women and crone elders of the community would dance, sound and chant in a Womb Circle round the women to help their journey. This would create a massive web of life-force energy to bring new life forward. One of the most famous of these ancient mass-birthing sites is Avebury.

Eventually we may once again live in a world that honors shamanic birthing; where communities of babies are conceived by the powerful light of the Full Moon in deeply loving Sacred Union of Soulmates, and women and men journey together for 9 Moons opening into their new experience of parenthood, as the baby grows inside, nourished by love, harmony, healing food, sacred love-making, orgasms, sound vibration, massage, laughter, delight, and Primal Love. Where the growing babies communicate telepathically with their parents.

Culminating in a mass births 9 Moons later, as the babies are welcomed into the world to the sound of drums, chanting, as grandmothers and mothers form a sacred Womb Circle around the birthing women, generating Shakti life force to support the women on her awakening journey into orgasmic birthing. Where a baby’s first experience of this world is celebration, community, love, communion. Where the mother merges with Cosmic Womb in the Divine ecstasy of Creation and the father opens his heart in ecstatic love.

Begin to imagine how the world would be if it were populated by people who had been birthed in this way? We can dream this way back into being.

~ From ‘Pilgrimage into the Womb: Awakening the Holy Grail’

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