Today is a different day

carla klouda fern heartThe buying of clocks to put in every room of the house felt a bit excessive, a bit neurotic, but I couldn’t stop myself. Compare this to a house that previously didn’t have a single clock except from the one on my phone. Our household mainly ran on ‘doing what and when we felt like it’ time.

But today all that has changed, today I woke to the sound of an alarm. It was light outside, the clouds soft, and somehow knowing that I wasn’t the only parent doing this today helped. There were thousands of parents up and down the country getting up, drinking coffee, going through this ritual of new beginnings. His clothes paid out last night were still there, the creases ironed out ~ ironing me?! Gosh! Again this house has never seen an iron; shake out the clothes and wear them till they’re flat.

But today is not like yesterday, nor the day before. Today my son went back to school, after two years (nearly to the day) of self-led learning, to enter the conventional classroom where he will learn what is on the syllabus and whatever else he picks up in the playground. I remember the day we walked away from the previous school and went to the beach, we walked hand in hand and discovered geology through rocks eroding into sand, discovered how the moon moves the tide and the birds glide on air currents.

But today a new experience has presented itself and so we set our sails to catch the wind and prepare to sail with this new breeze, not knowing on what shore we will wash up. Today I let got of my son in the corridor outside the classroom, knowing that he will set his own sail, tilt his own rudder and is confident enough to know the strength of his own boat. I bless him, and all those children who today let go of the shores of their motherland to sail together.

boat sailing away

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