The Spiritual Journey of Motherhood

Reading this today was perfect timing as I lean into the power of surrendering. Full presence of being is required of me right now as I nurse my son during his chicken pox. This rite of childhood is an incredibly powerful and healing on so many levels, for both of us. We work together to breathe through the pain, the suffering, the desire (to itch, pick, scratch) and remember the bigger picture. Yes I had to give up my plans this week, let go of my own wishes in order to be fully present. But I chose this, and choose to be close, to nurture and love ever more deeply every day. And yes I also chose the pox; a few weeks ago I took him to a pox party, I wanted this to happen before he got older and it became a more intense illness (he is nearly nine).

I feel blessed being reminding of the deep power of surrender, of love and of being a mother. I feel blessed knowing that the often invisible work, of parenting a child, I do is seen, by someone.

Mommy Mystic

Two things are asked of us as we move through the journey that is motherhood – that we open our hearts ever wider, and that we let go, let go, let go. Motherhood is a journey of loving and letting go. The same can be said of the journey of awakening, of enlightenment. Historically this wasn’t recognized by most of the world’s major spiritual traditions, which honored monasticism and retreat from the world as the greatest pathways to spiritual realization. But now that is changing, and we are finding ways for our lives to be our paths, as mothers, as career women, as everything that we are.

In honor of Mother’s Day, I wanted to explore the spiritual journey of motherhood, through goddesses, symbols, and my own thoughts. Whether you are a mother yourself or not, I hope that this speaks to you, as we all – mother or not…

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