Competitions galore!

With the online book launch only hours away now it feels amazing to be part of this project as it goes out into the world. To celebrate the birth there are not one but TWO competitions to win yourself a copy….
Two ways to win a FREE copy of the book tomorrow:
Competition #1 to win two copies of the paperback ~
Have a good look at the cover of the book, how many plants can you see?
Post your answers during the launch party like this:
~Number of plants
~A list of plant names
This competition will close at 12 noon (GMT) on Friday 15th Feb. The winner will be chosen at random from those with highest correct lists.
Competition #2 to win two copies of the e-book ~
During the launch party finish this sentence with a post on the event wall:   “A Doula……”
This competition also finishes at 12 noon (GMT) Friday 15th Feb and the two posts with the highest number of ‘likes’ will receive a free e-book.
So come on in, log onto the Facebook page, join in whatever is going on ~ watch videos, post questions, join in discussions.

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