Hot Paperbacks flipping off the press

With pancake day just around the corner the image of hot, buttered paperback books flipping off the press really appeals to me. It has come as a lovely surprise from my publishers that the paperback copy of the novel is going to be ready in time for the online launch next week. So for those of us who are not part of the kindle revolution but still like to curl up with a paper back ~ this moment of delight is for you!

The event is now a full-blown BOOK LAUNCH, even if still a virtual affair spanning over the course of two days. Beginning on February 14th at 9am until Friday 15th at 5pm to hopefully allow everyone, from every time zone, who wants to drop in to do so during that time.

So what is an online book launch, and how does it work? Well it involves being online during some of the time of the party ~ and most of the action is going to happen on this blog and the Facebook pages. Log on, check what posts are up, makes comments to join in and post your own discussions. Listen to music, share your favourites, watch videos….there will be loads going on and like any party it will be all the better if you come along and join in.

Join the Facebook event if you haven’t already to keep informed of whats going on :!/events/372321579533340/


Yes there will be two competitions running over the 14th & 15th February via the Facebook event page. Details will be posted soon, so keep your virtual ears skinned and your eyes sharp.

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