Bringing our gift to the world

Have you ever felt something run through you like lazy electricity? Bursting through fingertips creating lines on the page or screen or canvas that once lay bare in front of you? This is excitement. Words emerge, images appear like sign posts that wish to be followed. Connections materialize and bubble with potential. It is akin to being drawn in like water to a plug hole wishing to be dived in to join the aqua party. Life feels ripe with promise. This is the spark of life we have been seeking, the energy and excitement to step up to meet the world head on.

Why is it easier for us to hide ourselves, hide our light, hide our unique gift to the world? If the gift that you bring is not expressed by you then the world will be that little bit dimmer. Have you been able to stand in your truth and hold that?

Once the flow is coming from inside, from that place of being in our power, in our essence, life washes over us like a river falling over a waterfall. But by looking outside we may no longer be in the flow. It has slowed. Instead we look down to the pool to see how our flow is being received. It’s easy to get distracted. Maybe it is being received by some, but maybe not by all. Probably not by all. That is when the river dries up, when doubt steps in. Doubt and Should are powerful, they can dry up a the strongest flow. Let us become like the water ever flowing, always changing ever one with our surroundings. Flexible and yielding yet strong and determined.

well water

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