Thirteen Baktuns


We are in the final days now as the shift of the long count according to the ancient Mayan calendar approaches. On a personal level the feelings are intense, begin with the endings that have been happening in my life, on so many levels. Bearing witness to myself as I attempt to step forward from an old state of awareness into a new wave on consciousness where old patterns no longer serve or are viable.

Change is inevitable. The more self-aware we become the more present we become. And this presence is challenging, moving from being IN an emotion to being WITH it. This doesn’t mean that the feelings have gone, nor have they been denied. They are real and raw. But sitting with them and being with them takes out the sting. allowing them and accepting them as parts of ourselves. You are all of this.. All of this wonder and splendor of being alive at this very moment in time, and also being broken and wounded within the humanness of life. Growing this way allows all of us. As it all is ok. We are ok. Growing in our capacity to love ourselves, accepting us just as we are with nothing to change.

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