To say or not to say?

It’s been a long year in some ways. Already some of the trees are beginning to turn and summer flowers are dying, signaling the change of seasons is upon us. And yet, a part of me can hardly believe that the year has gone by so quickly. The book has taken much longer to be edited and updated than I ever imagined. The reasons for this being numerous; but not least that one of my editors lives on the other side of the atlantic and the other has small children. And I am home educating my 8 year old son. It is somehow easy to forget that not everyone has their children with them for the whole day. But that the children are sent off to be another place and there is then time empty of questions, interruptions, playing with Lego on the floor and eating sandwiches on a blanket in the garden. It is amazing and sometimes equally frustrating to be home educating. There are high moments, like yesterday when my son turns to me and proudly tells me the name and location of all the seven chakras (he learnt them on his own somehow). Then there are low moments, like when the day seems to never end and the questions are unanswerable.

But coming back to today’s post. I wanted to explain about why publishing a book is taking me so long. I also wanted to explain about all the wonderful support I am getting in order to complete this project and not let it fall by the wayside, like so many other abandoned projects. I am determined to see this through and to get the book out there. Writing the story was such an incredible experience I am refusing to be put off by mere paperwork and the effects of computer software not doing on the screen what I see in my mind. Throughout this process I am learning a lot, and not only about how to get a book finished but about how to cultivate my inner patience. and hopefully all this inner cultivation will grow me a garden that I can enjoy for years to come….and, fingers crossed, a book, published.

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